Feedback: Concern About Candidate Profiles, Sustainer Loves Long List of WEKU Programs

May 16, 2016

Here’s an email we received a few weeks ago during our Spring Fund Drive, from listener Ronda: “As a sustaining member, I still want to take the time to let you know of all the programs that you run that I really appreciate."     

We’re always interested in your feedback. Write to us at:, post on Facebook or send a tweet @889weku or leave a voice message at 859-622-1657.

"I listen mostly at work and in my car," continues Ronda.  "I listen in my car going to work and coming home, driving my daughter to ballet class/rehearsal, driving to run errands on the weekends, driving to and from church, driving to the ministry I am involved in after hours, driving to pick up my son from college in Columbia, KY.”

Before sending a long list of, by my count, 29 shows she enjoys on the station, Ronda added, “I prefer to listen to WEKU over every other radio station out there.”
As is pretty evident by her list of favorites, she says there’s “barely a moment in a day or week when I am not pleased by what I'm listening to.”

A caller, choosing to remain anonymous, raised a concern early in the week that our U.S. House primary profiles were focusing on just one candidate. We hope this listener noticed that we did exactly that with each candidate from Tuesday through Friday and now, all four of those pieces are available for reading and listening at WEKU dot FM.

We had a message by Facebook Thursday from Howard in Lexington that our web stream for Classic 102.1 was out of service.  Thanks to his message, we were able to get the signal restored within a few hours of his message. We’re sorry it took that long but had to work through the issue with our streaming provider, NPR Digital Services.  So, we’ll use that as another example of why your feedback on outages or other technical problems with the web stream or on-air signals is so important.

Thanks once again to Chuck in Middlesboro for letting us know that 102.5 in his town and 88.5 out of Corbin were off the air one morning this week after a thunderstorm. We had to wait for power to come back on but always appreciate the notice.

We’re always interested in your feedback.  Write to us at:, post on Facebook or send a tweet @889weku or leave a voice message at 859-622-1657.

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