Feedback on Concealed Carry Story, "Thanks" for What WEKU Does

Sep 26, 2016

We have a couple of calls from the comment line to share this week.  First up, Lee from Lexington.  It’s in reaction to our news story from last week, Concealed Carry Debated at First EKU Campus Safety Summit.  

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Lee: “Your newscaster overstated the extent of Kentucky’s restrictions on concealed carry of handguns on college campuses. In fact, concealed carry licensees may carry and otherwise possess their guns in their cars while on campuses and there’s not an absolute restriction.  Only outside cars.”

As we’re getting ready for the Fall Fund Drive, this call from David is most appreciated.

David: “There are times when America seems confronted with so many complex issues, (such as) racial inequality, climate change, political polarization. I’m just thankful that your station exists because I regularly turn to NPR for the insights needed to understand those complexities and dissect the news in ways that make sense and allow me to be an informed and engaged citizen.

So, in times like these, we need to count our blessings, those sources of insight that make a difference and your station is one of them.  So, thanks for all you do to make that possible.”

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