Feedback: Chasing Down Saturday Morning Problems

Oct 20, 2014

We’re grateful to those who contacted us about technical problems Saturday morning that delayed a number of programs and preempted almost an hour of Weekend Edition. For example, from Sara at 7:09 am, “Tuned in for Bob Edwards Weekend but getting Rick Steves instead...”

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From Madeline, “It’s 8:20 and no Weekend Edition. I love Bob Edwards but know I'm missing Scott Simon. Am I going to have to go online to get it?”

MaryLinda wrote, “Posted this on Twitter at 8:21 am. but it's now 8:35 am. and Bob Edwards Weekend is still broadcasting. Where is NPR's Weekend Edition??”

From a caller choosing to remain anonymous,  “It’s 8:50 am on Saturday.  Why is Bob Edwards playing instead of Weekend Edition?  It’s been 50 minutes since wrong things have been playing.  Is nobody listening to the station?”

Programming returned to normal soon thereafter and we actually had quite a dialogue going on most of the day on Facebook as we tried to figure out what happened.

After offering a sincere apology to all those who tuned in for Inside Appalachia, Rick Steves, Bob Edwards and for Weekend Edition with Scott Simon, I am able to say that we did at least figure out what happened. It was an erroneous instruction line in our computer playlist that caused one of the overnight jazz programs to repeat, thereby delaying everything else until the recorded shows ran out and the system switched to the “live” satellite feed of Weekend Edition.

Since we had so many messages about the program, we should have corrected it much sooner.  I guess I picked the wrong Saturday to sleep a little later than usual. 

Please note that, during technical emergencies such as Saturday's, you are welcome to call my office any time at 859-622-7270 and the message will be delivered to me. If you must reach me immediately, do not hesitate to call or text my cell phone at 859-248-0343.

Chuck summed up the dialogue on Facebook, admonishing, “Just don't let it happen again. LOL.”

And tieing in to this weekend’s Lexington Philharmonic concert, Allison wrote, “It was the Icarus effect...” You had to be there but very apropos, Allison.

We’re always interested in your feedback and hopefully next week we’ll have something more positive to discuss.  Write to us at WEKU at edu dot edu or call 859-622-1657.  You can also post on the WEKU Facebook page or send a tweet @889weku. 

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