Feedback: Car Talk Replies & Why All Those Morning Edition Promos?

Jun 29, 2015

Last week, we aired a Facebook message from listener Rebecca, wondering if others shared her view that it was time to re-think the airing of The Best of Car Talk and we tossed it to you.  As of this weekend, we have had a total of three responses.  One from Tom in Lexington agreeing with Rebecca. 

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One, posted to our website from Brian, saying, ”I still enjoy it greatly. I don't listen for the car information, but for the great banter and laughter they provide. I doubt anyone listens or listened in order to learn more about cars.”

And from the Comment Line, “Hi, this is Alita, calling from Lexington. Listening to the repeat episodes (of Car Talk) is like reading a good book, watching a TV or a movie re-run. It’s comforting. Also, it’s positively delightful to hear two men who laughed throughout their program, thoroughly enjoyed each other and enjoyed life.”

From Katie in Danville, “I would like to ask why you continue to advertise Morning Edition so often. Surely people who listen to NPR programs know about Morning Edition and listen to it if they want to and are able.”

Katie, interesting that you should write this week since those very frequent promos for Morning Edition are ending as of Wednesday.  They have been part of a six-month nationwide campaign to increase listenership for NPR’s flagship program.  The campaign was initiated by NPR’s relatively new President last year.  Was it successful?  Here at WEKU, we’ll have results when we get a listener ratings report in August.

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