Feedback on Brexit/Trump Story, Hazard & Classic 102.1 Outage

Jun 27, 2016

On our website, a comment to an NPR story From 'Brexit' To Trump, Nationalist Movements Gain Momentum Around World,  “Jim” writes, “Here we go again? European Nationalism, a political Party of ignorant and intolerant lemmings being stampeded by a charismatic insecure leader with an agenda driven by the psychotic hatred of a targeted minority. Where have we heard or witnessed that before? Oh that's right here and 1939 Germany.”

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Here’s a message for listeners of 90.9 WEKH Hazard, although they may not hear this on the air on this Monday.  As part of our efforts to restore the Hazard signal to full power, that transmitter is off the air at the moment and has been since Friday.  That’s a result of tower work that will actually improve the signal, even on low power and especially when we get back to full power later this summer.

The delay is a result of a matter of scheduling between our “landlord” and the tower crew replacing our antenna. We apologize for the interruption of the service that has already been impaired for the past year but we promise we are getting close to getting it back to operation at full power.

From Classic 102.1 listener “Hans” in Lexington, “This is to complain about your Lawrenceburg station: Last Saturday, once again, it was off the air the entire afternoon. This has happened quite frequently in the past. Weekends are the only times when I can listen to the classical music, and it is very annoying to miss the operas because someone forgets to throw a switch. The carrier wave was on the entire time, but there was no sound. Don't you monitor your stations?”

We wrote back letting Hans know that we were aware of that situation on Saturday June 18th but were unable to do anything about it until AT& T internet service was restored. We rely on the internet to deliver the audio to the transmitter in Lawrenceburg from our studios in Richmond.

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