Feedback: Big Trouble on 90.9 in Hazard, Online Schedule Issues

Jul 20, 2015

We’ve had another major problem with our transmitter at 90.9 FM. It went off the air last Tuesday morning during a thunderstorm and our engineer worked two full days trying to get it back to full power. Sadly, Phil Hayes was unable to do so and apparently the outdated and elderly equipment has passed the terminal stage.

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The signal is back on the air operating at very low-power until further notice. Thankfully, we are able to provide service once again to immediate Hazard/Perry County area and communities nearby.

Since we are operating at power very much reduced from our normal capability, some listeners may have difficulty turning in the signal.

We’ve heard from listeners such as Claudia on Facebook referring to loss of signal in Johnson County and had a phone call from Marvin in Clayhole, Kentucky.

All we can say right now is that we are pursuing options for the very expensive replacement of this important transmitter.  Until then, if you can get access to the Internet, please listen online. There’s more information at and on our Facebook page.

By email, James wrote, “I was looking at your web site because the web page for radio program Says You said you broadcast their program at 12:00 noon EDT.  It appears you've stopped broadcasting it and the Says You web page is out of date.” James went on to point out, “There's a problem with the programming on this page.  If you click the box labeled "Change Radio Station," it doesn't allow a person to do that.”

One thing is that our website provider, NPR Digital Services is going to be soon upgrading their system so the issues may be related to that impending change. And, by the way, we do still carry Says You.  It’s on the air at noon Saturdays on Classic 102.1, WKYL

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