Feedback: "App" Troubles, On the Media Repeats, Emergency Tests During News

Mar 9, 2015

We had an email  from listener, Scott:  “What gives with iPhone app?  Cluttered, confusing, icons that don't seem to do anything, can't access 102.1.” 

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“Just simplify,” Scott continued, referring to other stations that have apps he likes.   “You can do better.”

Sara, wrote to us on Facebook Saturday, “I think today's broadcast of On the Media repeats last week's.”

She is right about that. That was the result of an error by the producer, not assigning a correct date for the show’s files to expire so they could be automatically replaced in our system.  Still our responsibility so we’ll have to start checking such things more aggressively.

This note came, likewise on Facebook, from Jim in Danville, “We primarily listen to WEKU in the mornings on our bedroom radio. About a month ago the signal strength suddenly dropped to the point to where we can no longer get a good enough signal. We have tried 3 different radios in that location with the same result. Up until the point where the signal weakened it was fine.” He asks what happened and will it ever be fixed?

Honestly, we do not know what is going on there but we’ll check it out.  All our systems have been reporting that they are working fine.

MaryLinda asks, “WHY does the station conduct the emergency broadcast test during the news?!? This morning is the 2nd time recently that the test has interrupted a news segment. It appears the test could be better timed so it does not interrupt the news.”

And, MaryLinda, you are correct. We need to and will find a way to fix this situation.  The tests are run automatically by a system we obviously haven’t yet learned to properly operate. It’s on our list.

We’re interested in your feedback. 

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