Feedback About, What Else? Political Coverage!

Nov 7, 2016

Politics and the election have certainly brought out some comments this week. First, from Mary Pat who commented about the Eastern Standard show on voter values, “The election?...values?...partisan spokespersons to start it off? ....really?!  I had to turn it off. A very lame show with poor conception.”

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She went on, “Why couldn't you have concentrated on the congressional and senate races? That really impacts the people of Eastern Ky.and we really haven't had enough information on radio about these candidates.”

From the Listener comment line, first up, Karen, “I’m a daily listener of WEKU and I just want to appreciate your coverage of local issues and of politics.  I think we get bogged down in the negativity, especially in the presidential election and forget that there’s other elections going on.

So I appreciate your support of me being an informed voter.”

This one came in from a caller choosing to remain anonymous, “So, I’m listening to the show and, in the same segment, back-to-back topics, you guys try to act like it’s not a big deal with anything that Bill Clinton does but, in the same segment you try to bash Donald Trump for what his wife does.

Are you serious? The bias is insane. You guys have gotta lighten up a little bit. I’m going to stop listening. I’m going to encourage everyone to stop listening. It’s embarrassing!”

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