FDA Approval Pending On New Opioid Withdrawal Drug

Jun 4, 2018

A University of Kentucky medical researcher believes a new injectable drug to assist those wrestling with opioid addiction could bring more consistency for those trying to get off opioids. Dr. Michelle Lofwall is with UK’s Center on Drug and Alcohol Research. She says the drug CAM2038 would be delivered by injection in a doctor’s office once a week or even monthly. Lofwall says insurers like in-office therapies.

“That is attractive to payers, the idea that what they’re paying for is really going into the patient. It’s not potentially being sold on the street or shared or things like that.” 

Lofwall says the drug therapy is intended to lessen the cravings and help bring some normalcy to those with an opioid use disorder. She says the CAM2038 drug is before the Food and Drug Administration. If approval comes, it could be used by doctors as soon as 2019.