Fayette Safe Kids Working to Reduce Halloween Pedestrian Injuries

Oct 30, 2014

Credit ctsuddeth.com

The excitement and enjoyment of gathering candy door-to-door can be dashed by tragic neighborhood accidents. 

Many central Kentucky communities have set six until eight o clock Friday night for trick or treating.  Fayette Safe Kids Director Sherri Hannan says the combination of dark neighborhoods and costumed children can create a safety risk.   She says children are twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween evening than any other day of the year,” adding, “If you think about it, that makes sense because more kids are out after dark on that particular evening than any other time of the year.”

Hannon says, with the excitement of trick-or-treating, children may be more likely to dash out between cars and not cross at intersections.  She suggests parents encourage face paint over masks for Halloween costumes.   "There still are lots of masks out there and full head masks even and you really want to make sure that if that's what your child really wants to wear, that they can see well, that the mask isn't too big and it's obstructing their vision," added Hannan.

The Safe Kids director says it's remains a good policy for parents to go through and check candy gathered during trick-or-treating.​