Fayette Prosecutor Ray Larson Says Now is “Right Time” To Retire

Sep 9, 2016

Lexington’s chief prosecutor says his father taught him early on about consequences for breaking rules.   Ray Larson announced Thursday he will retire at the end of this month. 

Credit wkyt.com

Larson is concerned about changes in sentencing standards that result in more probation, saying his preference is “first time, every time.”  “If people were punished first time they committed a crime every time, that would be a deterrent.  But, we’re in a 2nd, 3rd and 25th chance society right now,” said Larson.

Larson has two years remaining in his term.  He admits whomever the governor appoints may have some advantages when the next election occurs but says that really wasn’t a consideration.  Noting, “The consideration was about me and my family.”

After serving almost 32 years as the county’s chief prosecutor, Larson says he thinks it’s the right time to retire and spend more time with his family.  He says there’s a strong group of prosecutors in his office and he hopes the governor will appoint one of them.