Fall Election: Five Weeks Out

Oct 1, 2018

Credit wkms.org

The general election is now five weeks from tomorrow.  It’s not just legislative races for seats in Washington getting attention this fall.

All 100 seats in Kentucky’s House are up for election and half the seats in the 38 member senate.  While not expecting to flip the House, Veteran Lexington Representative Kelly Flood looks for democrats to close the gap and change political dynamics. 

Flood says allegations of past sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh brought a common reaction from women she spoke to. “And then when I say what do you mean by ‘we’ve had it’?  They say, ‘November, voting in November.  I’m getting everybody I know.  I’m driving just everyone that I know to the polls,” said Flood.

In the Kentucky senate, President Robert Stivers looks for the GOP controlled chamber to, at minimum, maintain a 27 to eleven edge over democrats. 

Meanwhile, fellow republican, Governor Bevin has announced his intention to seek re-election.  Stivers doesn’t envision a GOP challenger to Bevin. “I don’t see it.  I haven’t heard it.  I think I would, if there was.  But, I don’t think anybody else is moving around throughout the state to try to organize some other ticket to run against him,” said Stivers.

Stivers admits he and the governor have had some disagreements.  But, the Clay County senator says not related to direction, but more to process.