Ex-Security Guard Indicted in Kentucky Bourbon Theft Scheme

May 19, 2015

Credit buffalotrace.com

A former security guard accused of looking the other way as thieves spirited away thousands of dollars' worth of whiskey from a Kentucky distillery was indicted Tuesday.

A grand jury in Franklin County indicted 34-year-old Leslie Wright on a charge of complicity to receiving stolen property over $10,000.

Assistant prosecutor Zachary M. Becker said Wright was paid for doing nothing as the thieves stole barrels filled with bourbon from the Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky's capital city. Becker said Wright was paid a total of $800.

It's the latest indictment as Kentucky authorities crack down on what they described as a theft ring in the heart of the state's renowned bourbon country. Prosecutors say the scheme led by rogue distillery workers lasted for years.