Equine Hobbyists Expected for Weekend Horse Park Event

Jul 17, 2015

Credit breyerhorses.com

More than 15 thousand people are anticipated for BreyerFest 2015.  It runs Friday through Sunday at the Kentucky Horse Park.   It's an event focusing on the model horse hobby focusing on equine entertainment and accessories. 

Also this weekend, the North American Young Riders Championship will include three to four hundred competitors.  Horse Park Deputy Director Darren Ripley says this marks the start of a big run at the facility,  "We start this week, these two shows, and this is kind of what my staff would call the six weeks of utter chaos.”

Calling this the horse park's peak season, Ripley says there will be other horse shows over the next six weekends.  But this weekend, Ripley says participants from both events will likely interact at some point.  "The barns that stable the horses for the North American Young Riders Championships abut and are adjacent to where part of the BreyerFest festivities take place," said Ripley.

Ripley says it's not uncommon for BreyerFest fans to camp out the night before the event starts to get through the gate as soon as possible.