EKU Regents Pass Budget, Hear Capital Funding Proposal Based on Student Fees

Jun 19, 2017

Credit Stories.eku.edu

The Eastern Kentucky University Board of Regents has approved a  new budget for the upcoming fiscal year. 

The board also heard details about a proposed statewide student fee to help meet campus facility needs.

The $358 million spending plan for the Richmond-based school represents a less-than-one percent increase over the current budget. 

The board had a lengthy discussion about student enrollment.  University President Michael Benson says student numbers are not firm, so departments are being asked to be cautious in spending.  

“We’ve asked everybody to hold back and sequester funds until we know a little bit better how our enrollment looks,” said Benson. “It’s not a cut it’s just a kind of hold back.”

Benson says those funds could be released later on.  The EKU also president advised the board about plans to pitch a statewide student per-credit-hour fee to state lawmakers. 

The idea would be to use the funds generated to address capital construction needs long term on individual campuses.  Benson says it might involve a dollar-for-dollar match with state dollars.