EKU Pedway Open For Foot Traffic

Jan 17, 2017

Credit Stu Johnson/WEKU

  As classes get underway for the spring the campus pedway is back in business.

Much of the pedway flooring fell to the pavement after the truck wedged under the structure crossing Lancaster Avenue in September.


 A significant amount of repair work has been completed with new beams, the steel frame, and roof covering. Eastern Kentucky University Vice President for Finance Paul Gannoe said crews will continue working while students are using the pedway.  “We’re going to divide it into a walking lane and a working lane so you could walk on one side while the workers continue to work on the other side,” Gannoe said.

 Gannoe said it's taken longer than expected to acquire new windows for the pedestrian walkway. Plus, there's still work remaining to complete roof repairs.   “Since we’re not in a hurry, since it’s working, it’s functional, we want to put the metal roof up when weather is  better and we know we have longer stretches of warmer, not windy weather,” he said. 

Insurance has covered the cost of the repairs.