EKU OSHA Course Focuses on Confined Space Safety

Jul 9, 2018

Credit Stu Johnson

A large tube structure with confined space was positioned Monday in Eastern Kentucky University’s Perkins parking lot.  EKU safety interns and those already in the profession participated in the U.S. Military Safety Certification Course.  

George Bonney works at the Chief Joseph Dam in Bridgeport Washington. “Cause in a hydro power dam you’re talking, it was built 50 years ago, so confined space is everywhere.  Confined space is everywhere throughout the dam,” said Bonney.

Ron Hopkins works with EKU’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration Training Institute.  He says the confined space training apparatus includes both horizontal and vertical sections.  Hopkins says the exercise has similarities to what’s been happening in the Thailand cave rescue of soccer team members and their coach.  “It is a very similar concept, course we’re not wearing scuba gear and we’re not dealing with the water, but if there had been a chemical leak in the confined space, we’d be in there with a breathing apparatus on,” said Hopkins.  “We’ve got it right here on the grounds.  We’ve done similar activities, yes.”

Participants in this week’s OSHA course came from all over including Korea and Puerto Rico.