Effects of Govt. Shutdown on Kentucky (audio available)

Oct 14, 2013

How has the federal government shutdown affected you, your family or your business?  That's the topic on this week's program as we invite you to tell your story.  Please let us know if you work for the federal government and are either furloughed or still working. What about friends, neighbors, family members?

Write to us before this week's show at: wekueasternstandard@gmail.com, post on the WEKU Facebook page, send a tweet to @wekuWEST or call 859-622-1657 with your story of how the government shutdown is affecting you.

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Guests:  Steve Beshear, Kentucky Governor; Andy Barr, Representative of Kentucky's 6th Congressional District; Ken Lucas, Commissioner, Kentucky Dept of Veterans Affairs; Mike Mangeot, State Travel Commissioner; Lt. Col. Kirk Hilbrecht, Director of Public Affairs, Kentucky National Guard.