Education Officials Weighing College Tuition Hikes In Kentucky

Jan 20, 2017

University officials across Kentucky are beginning to develop tuition rates for the fall semester.  Officials with the state’s higher education governing body are also gathering figures.


Council on Postsecondary Education work group is aiming to help members understand the factors considered in setting campus tuition levels. Increases for the current year ranged from 4.6 to 5.8 percent on each of Kentucky's state campuses.  CPE President Bob King said his staff considers fixed cost increases at universities along with state budget support.  Those fixed costs include health insurance, technology contracts and pension contributions.

​ “We look at what’s going on at the public universities in our region in terms of their tuition levels and tuition 


increases,” said King.

King said it’s too soon to say what tuition increases will be granted this year for the state’s eight public universities and Kentucky Community and Technical College System.   “Part of what we’re trying to address is reducing the gap in tuition between the highest and the lowest and so closing that gap may require taking some different approaches with some campuses as we move forward,” explained King.