Early Action on Constitutional Amendment

Jan 10, 2018

file photo of state senate
Credit Stu Johnson

The Kentucky Senate easily passed a bill supporting a constitutional amendment Wednesday to create a victims’ bill of rights. Typically, general assembly changes to the state constitution come later in the session. 

Senate President Robert Stivers says he could envision four such amendments winning approval.  If so, the Clay County lawmaker says that would break precedent. “I can’t remember, I honestly, in my career I can’t remember us having really more than two,” said Stivers.

Stivers believes two other constitutional amendment measures will likely pass the senate.  One would ask voters to consider moving constitutional officer elections to presidential election years.  “People come out in that year and want to participate.  There will be more reason to participate.  Plus, probably something not new to you all, I think people would like to have a year off from elections,”  noted Stivers.

Another amendment would involve civil tort reform.  Traditionally, an unwritten agreement between senate and house leaders would have each chamber with an equal number of approved amendments.