Drug Company Lawsuit Filed In Madison County

Jul 12, 2018

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Attorney General Andy Beshear has filed another lawsuit against a drug manufacturer, accusing a company that makes morphine and codeine of using deceptive marketing to promote painkillers that fueled the drug addiction epidemic in Kentucky. 

In a press conference Thursday, Beshear said that St. Louis pharmaceutical company Mallinckrodt underplayed the risk of addiction in order to promote its opioid products. 

“Mallinckrodt sold and promoted their opioids by falsely claiming that their drugs could be taken in higher doses without disclosing the additional risk of addiction. ” 

This is the eighth lawsuit Beshear has filed against opioid distributors or manufacturers who do business in Kentucky. 
Beshear filed the lawsuit in Madison County Circuit Court, saying that the area has been hurt especially hard by the drug addiction epidemic. 

Last month, he filed a suit against Walgreens, saying the company helped fuel the opioid epidemic by failing to monitor large shipments of pain pills throughout its stores across the state.