Donald Trump’s Lexington Fundraiser Brings Out Opposition

Jul 12, 2016

Credit WEKU News


    A fund raising event for presumptive GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump in Lexington has prompted a reaction from a diverse group of citizens. it included remarks from a black pastor, a Muslim doctor, and a Latino businessman.

Speakers Monday spoke of fear of increased division under a Trump presidency, while others carried signs that read ‘Trump Demeans Woman’ and ‘It is Un-American to Ban Muslims.’  Saying she was participating more as a ‘grandmother’ and not a ‘congressional candidate’, Nancy Jo Kemper led the press conference.  Afterward, she noted her time in ministry.  “I found out in the ecumenical movement, that when we listen carefully to the things that we differ about, that we learn some strengths that come from a point a view that we thought we disagreed with,” said Kemper.l

Just a few miles away, in downtown Lexington lawmakers from 15 states gathered for the Southern Legislative Conference.  Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers is a coordinator.  He believes some of Trump’s positions have merit.  “If you think about underlying policies that he talks about, and when you clarify of what he speaks of, I think it is something that has created an interest in where he wants to take the country,” noted Stivers.

Stivers cited a tougher position on undocumented immigrants as one example.  The Senate GOP leader believes, if the election were held now, Trump would carry Kentucky by double digits.​