Court Appointed Special Advocates Hoping to Grow Volunteer Ranks

Nov 14, 2017


A statewide advocacy group for abused and neglected children is seeking to greatly increase its number of volunteers to help young people find safe permanent homes. 

The call is going out from the organization of Kentucky Court Appointed Special Advocates. 

Kentucky CASA estimates more than 21,000 vulnerable children in the Commonwealth could benefit from volunteers each year as they seek a permanent solution, navigating the juvenile court system.  Across the state, there are 831 court appointed special advocates serving 2,831 children.   

After extensive training, juvenile court appointed CASA volunteers can talk to all people on behalf of the children they represent to submit to the court, comprehensive, objective reports with best interest recommendations. 

Officials with the Court Appointed Special Advocates program admit finding volunteers to help more than 20,000 children will take time.