Copley/Hendren on Derby Parties, Other Weekend Events

May 5, 2017

It’s time for our weekly chat featuring arts and cultural activities with Rich Copley and Harriett Hendren of the Lexington Herald-Leader. This week, as is the case for most everyone else in Kentucky, their focus is tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby.

Rich and Harriett tell us the newest Derby party in Lexington is tonight’s “Legacy Ball.”

The Legacy Ball will honor black horsemen. Isaac Murphy of Lexington was a celebrated black jockey who won the Kentucky Derby three times in the 1890s. Later, black horsemen were forced out of racing. Keeneland Library
Credit Lexington Herald-Leader/

Rich Copley and Harriett Hendren cover arts and culture for the Lexington Herald-Leader and

You can find many listings of arts and cultural activities at the events calendar link at www.WEKU.FM.