Conway: Grimes’ Loss Not a Setback for State Democratic Party

Nov 5, 2014


Kentucky's attorney general says Alison Lundergan Grimes' decision about whether to run for another political office is a personal one. Jack Conway attended Grimes' post-election event in Lexington Tuesday night.

 Grimes was soundly defeated by incumbent U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell.  Conway says what may come next for the 35 year old secretary of state is for her and her family to decide.  "I mean that's her decision.  I mean she and I have talked a lot.  She put her heart and soul into this race in wanting to be a United States senator.  Here we are on Election night and she and her husband have to decide what their future is and I wish them nothing but happiness. So, they need to figure that out for themselves," said Conway.

Conway believes a democratic candidate can still do well in statewide races.  "A Kentucky first democrat who has the right message in a state race and talks to people how Frankfort could be more responsive to their needs on the local level and on the state level has a great chance.  We've only had one republican governor in this state in the last 45 years.  So, I think the Democratic Party is strong.  We're gonna make it even stronger.  Tonight's a minor setback," added Conway.

Conway has already thrown his hat into the ring for next year's governor's race.​