Construction of Noah's Ark Park to Begin This Spring

Feb 2, 2014

Bill Nye, "The Science Guy" and Creation Museum founder and CEO Ken Ham debated the topic "Is Creation a Viable Model of Origins?" February 4, 2014
Credit Amy Harris

Construction of a theme park that will include a replica of Noah’s Ark will begin this spring. The Answers in Genesis ministry made that announcement this week.

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"I am absolutely thrilled to announce that the funding is in place for phase one to begin of the construction of the Ark Encounter project," Ken Ham, who debated evolution with TV's "Science Guy" Bill Nye, says the high-profile debate helped encourage more of the ministry's friends to get involved in the past few weeks.

Ham spoke about the project during a webcast Thursday night.  He says the entire theme park would be built over several years. The first phase with the ark will cost about $73 million.

The February 4th debate with the “Science Guy," viewed online by more than 7 million people, brought a frenzy of media attention to the Creation Museum.

Bill Nye has consistently reported his disappointment with the Ark  project, saying he hopes it’s never built, "Because it’s bad for Kentucky science students, and that’s bad for Kentucky and that’s bad for the United States and that’s ultimately bad for the world."

In 2010, Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis ministry unveiled the proposal for the ark as part of a 150 million dollar theme park.