Concealed Carry Debated at First EKU Campus Safety Summit

Sep 23, 2016


Various positions regarding ‘concealed weapons’ have been discussed at Eastern Kentucky University Friday, during the first Campus Safety Summit.

All guns, carried concealed or open carry, are banned for people on Kentucky’s public campuses. Scott Thalman with UK’s Students for Concealed Carry says college campuses are typically safe places, but students don’t spend all of their time on campus.  “I live off campus.  I have to ride a bus in to and off of campus.  And, because I can’t carry a weapon on campus, I can’t carry a weapon going to or from campus either,” said Thalman.

Gary Potter with EKU’s College of Justice and Safety says campuses include young people who are stressed and still learning with some binge drinking and drug use.  He says that with a concealed weapon is a dangerous combination.   “There are more states that are allowing it, but they’re also allowing restrictions.  For instance, Wisconsin now allows students to carry concealed weapons, but the university has the right to post a sign to deny them access to any building on campus,” explained Potter.

Staff members in higher education also attended sessions on topics ranging from ‘responding to terroristic threats’ to ‘improving campus health and safety through mental health services.’​