Compressed Natural Gas Filling Station Coming to Lexington

Nov 23, 2015


Compressed natural gas is likely to be used in greater amounts in the Lexington area over time.  A CNG filling station project has been a topic recently at Lexington city hall.

Lexington council members have reviewed a memorandum of understanding with Lextran and the state.  The plan calls for building a fast filling CNG station off Louden Avenue.  Lextran expects to receive seven new compressed natural gas buses next spring.  General Manager Carrie Butler says more are in the pipeline.  “We received an additional congestion mitigation air quality grant this year for another three CNG vehicles and we’ll be looking to purchase more as part of our capital fleet replacement plan or as other grant funds allow,” said Butler.

A $1.2 million state grant has been awarded to the city for the project.

The location of the fast filling CNG was reviewed last week at city hall.  Council member Richard Moloney says Louden Avenue is not the best spot for truck and bus traffic.  He prefers a site near industrial businesses outside of downtown.

Lexington Environmental Quality and Public Works Commissioner David Holmes says it will initially serve new Lextran buses and truck traffic.    “Cleaner air will be the benefit for Fayette County by doing this and it sort of if we build it hopefully they will come,” said Holmes.  “I think that’s the state’s idea in giving us that grant.”

Holmes says it’s difficult to predict when work will begin on the fast fill compressed natural gas station.    He says it could be several months before work commences.​