Comic Character Craze in Lexington

Sep 10, 2018

Comic Interlude Manager Addison Mitchell
Credit Stu Johnson

The sometimes intense interest in super heroes is seen today in cities all across the U.S. including Lexington.  The touring live action arena show, ‘Marvel Universe Life’ just completed a four day run at Rupp Arena.  

That interest carries over to long standing comic book publications.  Addison Mitchell manages Comic Interlude in Lexington.  He says he bought his first comic books about a decade ago as a young teen. “I’ve just always found that it’s a fun kind of escape world.  Get away from the real world and live in another universe where these people have these extraordinary abilities and can do all kinds of crazy things.  I’ve always thought that was intriguing and fun,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell says there is a rating system for comic books with E for everyone, T for teens, and M for mature adults.  He estimates the Waller Avenue store sells more than 500 comic books a week.  “There’s a few customers we have that will come in to buy one to five titles and then there’s other people that get pretty much everything that comes out that week.  So those people definitely boost those numbers,” Mitchell noted.

Mitchell says the store carries three main comic book publishers.  He says new copies come in either monthly or twice a month.  Mitchell says it’s typically a four to six issue process for each storyline with the hero coming out ahead the majority of the time.​