Combating Racial Stereotypes Through the Humanities on Eastern Standard

Sep 18, 2017

  How can the humanities expose and shatter racial stereotypes?  A community conversation in Lexington this week will explore stereotypes and racial consciousness.


On this week’s EST: Combating Racial Stereotypes Through the Humanities.


Left to Right, Ricardo Nazario y Colón, John Schrader & Bill Goodman
Credit Brian Burkhart


Send your questions, comments or personal stories before the show to: Send a tweet @889weku.  Post on Facebook or the website.  Leave a voice message at 859-622-1657 or call in when you tune in Thursday morning at 11:00.

The panel discussion, Aunt Jemima & the Complexities of Race will be held Thursday evening August 21 at 6:30 at the Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center, 300 East Third St, Lexington.