Citizens Weigh In on Lexington's Service Boundary

Sep 1, 2017

Credit Stu Johnson

Lexington’s Planning Commission is preparing to weigh in on goals and objectives for the update of the community’s comprehensive plan. 

Before making that decision, the panel heard from the public Thursday afternoon at city hall.

As expected much of the citizen comment zeroed in on whether the urban service boundary should be kept as is or expanded. 

Commerce Lexington Board Chair Carla Blanton told commissioners community wide goals can’t be achieved without a vibrant economy and she says that means more jobs.

“We are quickly approaching the time and we may already be there when we are running out of land that is truly available and ready to develop,” said Blanton.

Speaking in favor of maintaining the current boundary for city services was Brad Connell, who’s lived in Lexington for the past 19 years.  He said he spent 27 years before that in Atlanta.

“I would hate to see the same sprawl happen in Lexington that I experienced in my youth and early adult life in Atlanta,” noted Connell.

The planning commission could vote on goals and objectives next Thursday.