Change of Command Leadership at Blue Grass Army Depot

Jul 11, 2018

Colonel Joe Kurz
Credit Blue Grass Army Depot

The Blue Grass Army Depot has a new commander.  He’s Colonel Joe Kurz , who served in the Middle East during the 2001 to 2011 decade.  The formal transfer of authority took place during a ceremony Tuesday.

Kurz says activities at the 14,000-acre Army installation haven’t changed much in its 75 year history. “The mission is unchanged.  Receiving, storing, and maintaining, refurbishing, and shipping conventional ammunition for the United States Army and our joint war fighters,” said Kurz.

The planned disposal of nerve and mustard gas munitions stored at the depot is often the focus of discussion. But Kurz says the primary mission involves conventional ammunition.  The new commander says more than 700 employees work with conventional weapons compared to about 150 who work with the chemical weapons.