Bevin: Too Early to Weigh In on Trump Tariffs

Mar 7, 2018

Gov. Matt Bevin says it’s too early to say what he thinks of President Donald Trump’s proposal to institute tariffs on foreign-made steel and aluminum even though the policy could have a big impact on Kentucky. 

The tariff could benefit Kentucky aluminum manufacturers like Braidy Industries—the company that Bevin helped attract to the state with a package of economic incentives—and Century Aluminum, which announced it would hire 300 new workers in Hancock County if the tariff went into effect. 

But the proposal has stoked fears of a trade war—a European Union trade leader has threatened to impose tariffs on U.S.-made products like steel, cars, cranberries, orange juice, and Kentucky’s signature product—bourbon. 

Bevin says it’s a waste of time to speculate on the effects of the potential tariffs. 

“The president does this, he likes to create dialogue, get people to talk. Think about this: it would be good for some and not good for others, that’s the reality of it anytime something like this is done.” 
According to the Kentucky Distillers Association, Bourbon is an $8.5 billion industry in Kentucky and employs 17,500 people in the state.