Berea Rally, March Scheduled in Response to 'Hate Crime'

Apr 3, 2017

Human rights and LGBTQ advocates are organizing in Berea Monday evening. They’re reacting to  an incident in which a lesbian couple were targeted with graffiti.

Bereans for Fairness held a rally and marched to city hall to face the Berea City Council as they voted on the proposed ordinance to create a human rights commission in 2011.
Credit Lexington Herald-Leader/ - File photo Mark Cornelison

Bereans for Fairness and the Madison County chapter of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth are sponsoring a rally followed by a march to a meeting of the city’s Human Rights Commission.

Meta Mendel-Reyes is a member of both groups and says, since the home and truck of a lesbian couple were vandalized, they’re hoping the city group will take action, “We’d like them to investigate it for sure and then they also do education in the town and we would really like to see some education about hate crimes.”

Participants in the rally and march are planning to gather at 5:00 on the lawn of Berea’s Union Church before proceeding to the Human Rights Commission meeting which begins at 6:30 this evening.