Avian Flu Found in Western Ky Poultry Flock

Mar 21, 2017

Federal and state agriculture officials are confirming a case of low pathogenic Avian Flu in a western Kentucky commercial poultry flock. This type of influenza doesn't typically pose a fatal threat to chickens.  

A case of low pathogenic Avian Flu has been found in a Western Kentucky commercial poultry flock.
Credit WKMS, Murray, KY

Kentucky State Veterinarian Robert Stout says the presence of low pathogenic avian influenza came from samples taken at a Christian County operation.  

This poultry flu may cause no disease or mild illness.  Highly pathogenic Avian Influenza can cause severe disease with high mortality.  

 Dr Stout says there were no clinical signs of disease in the Christian County birds.  He says the affected premises is under quarantine and the flock of some 22,000 hens was depopulated as a precautionary measure.  

A significant outbreak of highly pathogenic Avian Flu occurred in the U.S. about two years ago.​