Auction Scheduled for Rupp Arena Items

Aug 6, 2018


In advance of demolition and construction planned next month, officials with the Lexington Center and Rupp Arena are holding a surplus materials and salvage auction on August 17th.   It’s part of a project to build a new convention center and upgrade Rupp Arena.

The auction will be held underneath the Jefferson Street Bridge in the Manchester Street lot.

Lexington Center Corporation President Bill Owen says many of the sale items still have value and just need a new owner.  The Lexington Center CEO says the goal is to recycle and keep as much as possible out of the land fill.  Items for sale include remaining pieces of the original Rupp Arena court used between 1976 and 2000, concourse signage, desks and cabinets, display cases, concession equipment, snow salt dispenser, and a 20 foot Christmas tree.  Interested parties can stop by for inspection starting next Monday.  All items are sold as-is with no warranty implied.​