Apologies for problems with APHC Saturday

May 18, 2013

Image from Open Clipart
Credit http://openclipart.lynms.edu.hk/

Here we go again, apologizing for a technical issue, but seriously the problem with A Prairie Home companion on Saturday evening was a computer playlist error that went unnoticed when prepping for the weekend. For those who are really interested in what goes on behind the scenes, feel free to read on. Otherwise, we won't be offended.

We had to make adjustments to our receiving equipment due to a longer-than-normal Met Opera broadcast last week. As a result, we had to "share" one of our satellite receivers for a reason that is so arcane we dare not bore you with that detail. The bottom line, we didn't "repair" the "fix" that we did last week. The problem was exacerbated by the absence of a key staff member.

We are grateful for ALL who let us know about it, including the one person who called Roger Duvall, who is out of town on vacation, as well as the couple of people who notified us by FB. Yet another tweeted about the fact that we were broadcasting Naval Observatory Time for an hour!

If anyone out there is interested, please send us a direct message via Facebook or Twitter, send an e-mail (click the link) or call the Listener Comment Line at 859-622-1657 and I will send you my cell phone number so you can call me directly the next time something like this happens.

We do take this "public radio" thing seriously and would be glad to have help with monitoring, especially in Corbin, Hazard, Pineville as well as Richmond/Lexington and the other communities served by our "translator" frequencies.