Anti-Poverty Group May Sue Over Capitol Restrictions

Jun 13, 2018

Police keep participants in the Poor People's Campaign from accessing the state Capitol in Frankfort.
Credit Charles Bertram/

Anti-poverty protesters were again told they could only enter into the Kentucky Capitol two at a time Wednesday after the state police commissioner restricted the group’s access to the building. Capitol reporter Ryland Barton says the leaders of the Poor People’s Campaign are considering a lawsuit.

The group argues that the state Constitution allows unfettered access to the Capitol. 

Rev. William Barber, an activist from North Carolina and national leader of the group, said Gov. Matt Bevin should allow the protesters into the building all together.

 “If we can’t come in when you put your hand on that bible and swore to uphold the constitution, governor I hate to tell ya but you told a lie. You’re not doing what you said you were going to do,” 
Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rick Sanders imposed the two-at-a-time policy after members of the group spent the night in the Capitol on May 21 and wrote messages in chalk on the sidewalk outside of the Governor’s Mansion on May 29. 
In a letter explaining the policy, Sanders said the group has  “advertised, planned, and trained to compel law enforcement to arrest them.” 

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