ADA Task Force Recommendations Made to Lexington Council

Dec 6, 2017

Jason Jones, Chair of the ADA Task Force, appeared before Lexington's council Tuesday
Credit Stu Johnson

A number of recommendations for improving accessibility to buildings in Lexington were brought before council members yesterday.  Much of the emphasis was on pre-construction planning.

Lexington council members received a series of ten recommendations including increasing the capacity of the city’s ADA coordinator to sign off on new construction permits.  ADA Task Force Chair Jason Jones believes Lexington should have fewer accessibility problems. “Lexington is a very progressive city.  There’s no reason in the world why we shouldn’t be leading in accessibility and not trying to catch up with other places,” said Jones.

Another recommendation brought to council calls for voluntary accessibility certification for business owners.  Jones likened that to a Better Business Bureau approved designation.  Council Member Susan Lamb spoke of challenges her mother faces with accessibility in using her scooter.