Stu Johnson (KPR)

Stu Johnson is a reporter/producer at WEKU in Lexington, Kentucky.

A University of Kentucky medical researcher believes a new injectable drug to assist those wrestling with opioid addiction could bring more consistency for those trying to get off opioids. Dr. Michelle Lofwall is with UK’s Center on Drug and Alcohol Research. She says the drug CAM2038 would be delivered by injection in a doctor’s office once a week or even monthly. Lofwall says insurers like in-office therapies.

Lexington city council members are expected to finalize decisions Tuesday regarding the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The official readings will occur later this month. During its review of Mayor Jim Gray’s budget, council members suggested relatively few changes. Vice Mayor Steve Kay says public pension costs create ongoing concerns. 

“This is a really tight budget year and we are facing tight budget years going forward and so we’re trying to be as conservative as possible, so we have a balanced budget and we don’t have to consider cuts going forward.” 

A Lexington lawmaker said published reports of a settlement by Republican House Speaker Jeff Hoover over sexual harassment allegations reflects a legislative culture that doesn’t fully understand the economic power and weight of women.