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Sharon Baker lives in a tidy, red-brick house in the small city of Shively, southwest of Louisville. There’s a ribbon angel hanging on her front door — watching over her, she said.

Baker is a federal mediator with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She’s also a regional leader for the American Federation of Government Employees.

And, as one of the thousands of furloughed federal employees, she hasn’t worked since the partial government shutdown began last month.


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A group of Kentuckians is again suing the federal government over the re-approval of Gov. Matt Bevin’s changes to the Medicaid program.

New Shelter Opens In Berea As Weather Turns Cold

Jan 15, 2019

  As the days grow colder and each night gets darker earlier, those without homes find themselves searching for any shelter they can find. 

A volunteer-run rotating winter shelter, dubbed Room in the Inn Berea, will be open today through March 15. In order for one to be eligible for shelter, guests must register nightly at the intake location at 412 Chestnut St., Berea, between 5 and 6 p.m. According to the Richmond Register this will be the only registration time available in order to be eligible for shelter that night.

Trump Doubles Down On Trade War As Farmers Feel Pain From Tariffs

Jan 15, 2019

As President Donald Trump addressed farmers at a national conference Monday Ohio Valley agriculture leaders said they are standing by his effort to renegotiate trade deals. But some leaders cautioned that costly tariffs on farm products need to end soon.

President Trump doubled down on his fight for better trade deals during his speech to American Farm Bureau Federation members at their convention in New Orleans.

“We’re turning all of that around with fair trade deals that put American farmers, ranchers and in fact put America first,” Trump said.

Live Stream - Barr Confirmation Hearings

Jan 15, 2019
James Doyle/ NPR

The Senate is holding confirmation hearings this week for President Trump's pick to run the Justice Department. William Barr is the nominee to be the next Attorney General. Lawmakers are questioning his views on the Special Counsel's Russia investigation, whether a sitting president can be indicted, and other matters. Watch the proceedings live.

Cheri Lawson

An organization over the past forty years, helping individuals with disabilities, is being awarded more funding to grow its coffee shop.  Point Perk in Northern Kentucky is expanding thanks to a $35,000 grant from the Hatton Foundation.

“I hope that we get more people in here and get to see new customers and hope that they enjoy our coffee. Good way to start your morning” says Liz Stacey.

Northern Kentucky Businessman Files For Governor

Jan 14, 2019
William Woods/Twitter

The Republican primary for Kentucky governor is now a three-man race. William 
Woods of Grant County filed paperwork with the Secretary of State's Office today.

Woods is a businessman from northern Kentucky who ran unsuccessfully for the state House in 2012.

He’s seeking the GOP nomination for governor alongside running mate Justin Miller of Florence. Woods’ campaign platform includes legalizing marijuana and casino gaming. He’s also in favor of keeping state employee pensions at full funding while eliminating pensions for state lawmakers.

Mary Meehan

A number of towns and counties in our region have adopted needle exchange programs in recent years as a way to combat rising levels of H.I.V and hepatitis C.

Barren County, Kentucky, began its needle exchange program in March, and has so far received more than 1,300 dirty needles from intravenous drug users.



Kentucky’s organ donor registry could shrink under new rules taking effect this spring pertaining to driver’s licenses.

If you're an organ donor chances are you probably signed up when you first got your driver license or renewed it. When Kentucky begins rolling out new standard licenses and voluntary travel IDs in March, you'll be given a choice if you are 21 years or older of renewing your license every four or eight years. Shelley Snyder with the non-profit group Trust for Life says that will mean fewer people visiting circuit court clerk’s offices.

While illegal immigration is certainly a popular topic among certain policymakers in Washington, it can also get attention at the state level.  Kentucky’s first Latino member of the general assembly and a newly elected House representative have interest in the issue.


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Ohio Valley ReSource

FSA Offices Reopen To Confusion and Disarray

16 hours ago

The United States Department of Agriculture is reopening Farm Service Agency offices across the country Thursday, Friday and Tuesday. Agency staff will help process loans affected by the federal government shutdown. There are reports that many Ohio Valley farmers showing up were turned away.

The Farm Service Agency office in Mayfield, Kentucky, is so quiet you can hear the tick of the Department of Agriculture-branded clock on the wall. Eleven employees usually make up this busy office. Only three were called in Thursday morning.

Senate Committee Video

During a sometimes contentious confirmation hearing Wednesday on his nomination to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler was pressed by members of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works about the impact of the government shutdown on the agency.

Wheeler noted one casualty of the ongoing partial government shutdown, now in its fourth week, is that a long-awaited plan on regulating the PFAS group of chemicals has been delayed.  

Mary Meehan

  A slender, black, rectangle, the Juul fits easily in the palm of your hand. You don’t light it, you trigger it with a click of a finger. The mist that is exhaled is so fine it’s hard to see. The nicotine is delivered via a pod the size of a AAA battery, with each pod containing the equivalent of 20 cigarettes.

That combination of small size and potent power have made the Juul the vaping device of choice for many teen users. A group students from Casey County, Kentucky, affirms those features make “Juul-ing” – yes it has become a verb – rampant in class.


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